A look inside Teach for America, Baltimore

Teach for America works with the Baltimore City Public School System to bridge the achievement gap between low income and higher income schools. The articles below look inside the organization and how members are making a difference in the school system.


Teach for America aims to improve educational equality in Baltimore

Teach for America bannerSince its foundation in 1990, Teach for America has been employing recent college graduates to help educate students in low-income school districts. Read more…

Baltimore City schools are seeing student improvement

Students with their hands raisedBaltimore City Public Schools are taking steps to ensure their students are getting an equal education in comparison to higher-income schools. Read more…


Teach for America Week brings professionals into the classroom

close-up of guest teacher, Ravens player Domonique Foxworth

Each year Teach for America holds a week where guest speakers attend schools and teach a lesson in a corps members’ classroom. Read more…


A map of schools in Baltimore where Teach for America teachers are employed

Map of the regions where TFA is located in BaltimoreThe maps below display the regions across the U.S. where Teach for America works to improve education and the schools in Baltimore that employcorps members.

An interview with Todd Dalrymple

TFA teacher Todd DalrympleTodd Dalyrmple is a second-year Teach for America member who teaches 4th grade at Moravia Park Primary School.


A video from Teach for America Week

TFA teacher Matt ThorntonMatt Thornton teaches 10th grade Government at Northwestern High School and had Ravens player Domonique Foxworth be his guest speaker during TFA Week.